Abstract artwork for charity auction from Ed Sheeran

Splash Planet painting by Ed Sheeran raises £51,000

Ed Sheeran is selling art for charity. The charity auction marks the first and only time his work has been up for sale. The pop star donated a piece of art, which he called “Dab 2 2020,” at Ed Sheeran: Made in Suffolk Legacy to raise money for children in need.
The title of Ed Sheeran’s artwork comes from the nickname Sheeran gave to his father since childhood. Sheeran said in a previous interview that he painted the canvas a day for 30 days.
He said it was really fun. It was like Jackson Pollock. He bought some home paint and simply applied it in a layer by clicking on it. Ed also added that he is just doing his art and he loves it. He added that this is what makes him happy, that no one else needs to judge. People don’t judge any part of the creative process if you do it for yourself.
The proceeds from the Legacy Auction will help the children’s charity GeeWizz redevelop a playground for children with disabilities and special educational needs. The funds will also go to Zest, a charity organization affiliated with St Elizabeth’s Ipswich Hospice, which helps adolescents and young people with advanced and terminal illnesses to live fulfilling lives.
Sheeran’s parents, John and Imogen, created Ed Sheeran: Made in Suffolk exhibition to tell the story of his rise to global success. The auction was organized with their help. It has 220 lots, including items and unique items donated by other celebrities such as David Beckham, Kylie Minogue, and Usain Bolt.
Sheeran donated other items to the auction, including handwritten texts for his hit single “Perfect” and a ticket to his first show at the Royal British Legion in Framlingham, Suffolk, where admission was £ 3.
His father John said that Ed had been involved in art since childhood. He added that this energetic, expressive Ed Sheeran artwork is such a positive confirmation of life. It looks like the visual equivalent of one of his hilarious songs.
Artist Damien Hirst has also contributed his work for auction. He donated a signed limited edition “Patience 2019” inspired by the spiritual symbolism of the butterfly.
The auction runs until November 8. It is now open to online bidders.
The story of Ed Sheeran is the story of Cinderella, or the transformation of the “ugly duckling” into a prince, or the story of the American dream, only in the British manner. Critics reproach Sheeran for wrapping his complexes in beautiful packaging and selling them to the whole world, but Ed Sheeran’s art and his success, despite the slander, proves that sincerity is the best that an artist can give to his viewers.
Ed Sheeran is selling art for charity, he can easily visit his fan in the hospital, and among his fans is Elton John himself.

5 famous musician artists

For some star performers, it’s not enough to devote themselves to music only. They have established themselves among connoisseurs of fine art.

Paul McCartney became interested in painting when he was 41 years old, but for a long time – almost 16 years – did not exhibit his work. The first public exhibition of ex-Beatle paintings took place in Germany in 1999. After that, his exhibitions were held in Bristol, Liverpool, New York, and other cities. Sir Paul also sells art for charity. He donates proceeds from the sale of works to charity.

The drummer of The Beatles became interested in the art of painting out of boredom. During his music tours, Ringo Starr amused himself by drawing in graphic editors. That is why his works sometimes look so ugly as if they were drawn by a small child. Despite this, Ringo Starr’s paintings are successfully selling – perhaps because the musician himself does not take them seriously.

Before becoming a musician, Ron Wood attended art school in London. Even as a guitarist for the British band Rolling Stones, he remained true to his passion for drawing. As a rule, he creates cartoons and portraits of fellow musicians or famous actors. One such painting can cost up to 800 thousand euros.

For the German rock singer Udo Lindenberg, his love of the visual arts began with little men in hats, whom he painted on his autograph cards. This is how he portrayed himself because the hat is his constant accessory. Since the mid-1990s, whole cycles of Lindenberg’s paintings began to appear, but the most famous was the Likörelle series, painted with egg liqueur, curacao, grenadine, and whiskey.

Nobody is more restless than Bono from the Irish rock band U2. He is not only a singer, songwriter, guitarist, and public figure who has been knighted, but also an artist. His drawings were sold at auction for 280 thousand euros, which went to charity.




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