American gallery showed new paintings by Hugo Bastidas


Gallery Nora Jaime presents online exhibition of a new series of paintings by American artist Hugo Bastidas. It is called “Strike” and is dedicated to the artist’s experiences in the midst of the crisis due to the pandemic and the unrest following the mass anti-racism protests in the United States.

The artist’s new paintings are in his signature style, imitating the grisaille effect. However, he departed from the strict black and white palette and added muted colors. Each work is a kind of mystery, unraveling which the viewer begins to feel excited. This is how the artist decided to show the mass hysteria that enveloped society.

Bastidas always dedicated his canvases to painful themes such as global warming and climate problems, the harmful impact of technology. The artist creates detailed black and white paintings, which from afar resemble old photographs. Now his works are represented in several international collections.


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