Americans are interested to spend their leisure time not in the cinema or at a concert, but in the library. They go there on average 10 times a year.

This is evidenced by a sociological survey conducted by Gallup.

On average, Americans visit the library 10.5 times a year, which is almost twice as often as they visit the cinema – an average of U.S. residents go to theaters 5.3 times a year.

According to the survey, women and young people from 18 to 29 years old visited libraries most often.

What else Americans like to do:

Attend sports matches – 4.7 times a year;
Musical or theatrical performances – 3.8 times a year;
National or historical parks – 3.7 times;
Museums – 2.5 times;
Casinos – 2.5 times;
Amusement parks – 1.5 times;
Zoos – 0.9 times a year.
Interesting! The results of this survey, conducted from December 2 to 15, 2019, are almost the same as those for 2001.


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