The Dutch architectural firm MVRDV, whose innovative projects show no creative limitations, presented their latest project – impressive library in Tianjin, China.

Located in the Binghai Cultural District and developed in cooperation with the Tianjin Urban Construction and Design Institute (TUPDI), the impressive library accommodates up to 1.2 million books. Part of the larger “master plan of the cultural complex”, executed by GMP architekten, – the library unites four other buildings through a series of “cultural corridors”.

The five-story glass structure of 34,200 square meters has an oval hole on the inside, with a large spherical audience, called the “eye” as a focus. “The eye is the center of the library. He “pushes out” the building and creates an environment out of bookshelves where you can sit, read, [and] hang out, “explains Vin Maas, director of MVRDV.

On the first and second floors, in addition to the reading areas and the first floor auditorium, there are reading rooms and recreation areas. On the upper two floors are offices, conference rooms, computer and audio rooms. The terraced bookshelves cover the entire curved interior and act as stairs and seats. Maas describes them as “large spaces for sitting and at the same time allowing access to the upper floors. Angles and curves are designed to stimulate various applications of space, such as reading, walking, meeting and discussion. ”

The mind-blowing structure houses 1.2 million books along curved book cases that cover the entire interior.

The entire project took just three years to complete.