Art institutions and artists to help Lebanon

Interior of the Sfeir-Semler Gallery in Beirut after the explosion on 4 August 2020

Members of the art community join forces in an attempt to help Beirut hit by explosions.

The aftermath of the explosions in the Lebanese capital on 4 August 2020 had a devastating impact not only on the life of Beirut but also on the country’s artistic community. Many artists lost their studios, many exhibition and museum spaces suffered significant damage, and works of art suffered or were lost.

In response, the world art community, especially representatives of its Middle East region, began to organize and launch various projects designed to support the artistic life of Lebanon. We provide a list of five such projects, many of which you can participate in today.

  1. An emergency fund to help artists and art institutions in Beirut, run by Brussels-based non-profit art organization Mophradat, has issued a letter calling for donations to victims and accepts funds via bank transfers or PayPal.
  2. The organizers of the specially created Instagram account Art Relief for Beirut went the other way. On the project page, participants are invited to make a donation to the Lebanese Red Cross or Impact Lebanon and receive in return the work of one of the artists participating in the action. By the way, according to the founder of the project, artist Muhammad Kanaan, starting from August 7, more than $ 77 thousand have already been collected.
  3. Another interesting Instagram project was organized by the artist from Dubai Nima Nabawi. In his account, he promises to give 15 prints as a present to everyone who donates $ 50 to the Lebanese Red Cross and sends him documentary proof of the money transfer. In his message, the artist clarified that he has already paid for these prints and is holding them in his hands so that no part of the money will go to their production in any case. He also added that buyers could pick up prints from the Third Line Gallery in Dubai.
  4. Dubai Photographic Center Gulf Photo Plus is running a print sale called “For The Love Of Beirut” on its website. It features works by over 60 contributors and is organized in collaboration with the creative platform Ruwa. All proceeds from this sale will reportedly go to the Lebanese Red Cross.
  5. The Artist Fundraiser hosted a 24-hour Livestream to benefit charities in Beirut. The broadcast takes place on the Twitch platform from August 12 to 13, 2020. During the marathon, you can see the performances of many musicians, the broadcast of films, as well as get acquainted with creativity and purchase works of Middle Eastern artists.


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