Arts Help – a new digital platform in the field of art

Sophie Brussaux and Pope Francis

The United Nations SDG Action Campaign posted on social media a video dedicated to Global Solidarity Day. The video featured personalized posts and comments on what changes the COVID-19 pandemic would bring to society as a whole. Celebrities and influential people from around the world took part in the video message.

The international community has witnessed a number of significant videos and online campaigns aimed at promoting cooperation and cohesion in recent months. The power of media platforms has become undeniable in the era of social networks. Articles about the events have become more visible and discussed – from the Day of Global Solidarity to the international movement of Black Lives Matter activists.

Arts Help - a new digital platform in the field of art
The media platform director Mo Ghoneim and Barack Obama

Digital media is the driving force in world space. That’s why artist Sophie Brussaux and media platform director Mo Ghoneim teamed up to create Arts Help, a non-profit arts organization dedicated to promoting artists and creating effective international programs.

The Arts Help program focuses on programming, which includes collaboration with global governments, large companies, and nonprofits. Arts Help has recently teamed up with W1 Curates to create digital billboards featuring unique artists on the streets of major cities.

In addition to urban projects, Arts Help also works closely with the United Nations SDG Action Campaign to raise public awareness of the 17 major sustainable development goals. In addition to significant partnerships with companies such as Disney and the MOCO Museum, Arts Help supports many of its own programs and projects. On the advice of industry leaders such as international entrepreneur Daniel Kroft, British Member of European Parliament Julie Ward, and founder Tom Lehman, the Arts Help digital network is constantly expanding and adapting.

Arts Help publishes unique artists daily on Instagram and regularly engages in print promotion through affiliate publications. Arts Help launched its own editorial site in May 2020, collecting content from full-time authors and attracted bloggers. The site covers the activities of aspiring artists, prominent exhibitions, and their own events.

The central mission of Arts Help revolves around the idea that a deeply personal, passionate art is a catalyst for change. Bringing together industry-leading experts, celebrities, and a common art community, the organization’s influence provides artists with sustainable growth and recognition in a rapidly changing digital world.


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