At Sotheby’s Auction, Kim Kardashian Buys Cross Loaned to Princess Diana


Kim Kardashian Bought Princess Diana’s Cross Pendant at Auction for $220,000.

Princess Diana’s cross pendant sold at Sotheby’s auction in London for $220,000. Its new owner is Kim Kardashian. It is reported by People. The starting price ranged from 90 to 150 thousand dollars.

“It is a bold piece of jewelry in size, color, and style that can’t help but make a statement, regardless of fashion and faith. We are glad that this jewelry fell into the hands of a world-famous person.

Christian Spoffort, Head of Sotheby’s auction London

Princess Diana wore the Attallah cross necklace to the 1987 Birthright charity gala in London in support of the organization’s humanitarian work for pregnancy and childbirth. That evening, the lady styled a gothic cross with a baroque velvet gown by designer Katherine Walker. Since then, no one has worn this decoration, it has never appeared in publication after the death of Diana.

The Attallah cross pendant was made in 1920 by the British jewelry house Garrard. Princess Diana was very fond of the work of court jewelers and ordered her wedding ring from them. Read more about the history of the necklace here.

Earlier, two pieces of Princess Diana and Charles’ wedding cake were sold at auction. It was prepared in 1981. Since then, the dessert port has been hardly spoiled. A fragment of the cake remained with the court employee, he did not eat it, but kept it as a souvenir and decided to put it up for auction.

Kim Kardashian is called a lover of pop culture artifacts. At the Met Gala in 2022, she appeared in a naked Marilyn Monroe dress, which turned out to be too small for the model, despite the fact that she lost seven kilograms that evening. Kim was convicted of damaging the dress – because of the wrong size, the clasp on the back began to diverge.

On January 27, Sotheby’s auction was held in New York, where they put up an eggplant-colored velvet dress. Diana appeared in this dress at a joint photo shoot with Prince Charles in 1991. Princess Diana’s velvet dress, designed for her by British fashion designer Victor Edelstein, has become the most expensive dress in Sotheby’s auction history. It is reported by CNN.

A rich purple bustier ball gown was sold at Sotheby’s in New York. Initially, experts expected to fetch from 80 to 120 thousand dollars for the dress, but in the end, it was sold for a record 604.8 thousand dollars, which made the outfit the most expensive in the history of the Sotheby’s auction.


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