Beauty is Everywhere – New York Art Studio, Another Day, launches A Beautiful Chaos


Please tell us about your project. What is Another Day: A Beautiful Chaos? How long did it take you to create it?

Another Day: A Beautiful Chaos – is our first solo exhibition, short film, and directorial debut. We’ve spent the last 2.5 years crafting this multifaceted idea inspired by our experience navigating daily life in NYC together.

Our goal has been to capture the chaotic yet harmonious forces of daily life in the heart of NYC – the microcosm of the world. In the process, we’ve incorporated street relics and objects that might otherwise be overlooked or discarded and transformed them into meaningful works of art. Showing the viewer that beauty is everywhere if you open your mind to it.

Who or what inspired you?

New York is our inspiration, muse, and canvas – and our goal has been to create a visual love letter to the city, flaws and all.

Photo by Another Day

Another Day: A Beautiful Chaos includes your first solo exhibit, short film, and directorial debut. Could you tell us more about the film?

Our short film intertwines as many of our creative skill sets as possible into a 6-minute short. We merged live-action film-making, 3D clay animation, 2D illustration, and physical, artistic creations into experimental visual narratives. The multifaceted approach blends the digital with the physical to create something unexpected.

The film delves into the misadventures of a pigeon, who unwittingly ingests a psychedelic substance from the ground and embarks on a strange, magical journey through the streets of New York City. Along the way, he encounters a series of mishaps, including an irate local Rat. However, amidst all the chaos, the city’s beauty is revealed.

When did you start your creative partnership? As far as we know, you lived on opposite ends of the globe and spoke different languages when you were starting a partnership. Why did you decide to work together anyway?

Our journey from the very beginning has been a beautiful chaos. Before founding our art studio, Another Day, we were living on opposite ends of the globe, speaking different languages, and never met each other in person.

Pigeon by Another Day

Our paths crossed around 2011, thanks to Kobe Bryant. Eugene worked as an Art Director for him at Nike Basketball in Portland, Oregon, while Vicente juggled a full-time job at a European fashion house and freelanced at night. Eugene stumbled across Vicente’s artwork online, and the two of us connected via Skype to collaborate for the first time on a Kobe project.

At the time – Vicente’s English was bad, and Eugene’s Spanish was non-existent. So, our first project was comical and only made possible with the help of Google Translator and some Post-it note sketches to communicate our ideas back and forth.

A deeply rooted artistic connection and equally strong friendship formed even with a significant language barrier. The bond was strong enough to convince us to quit the cushy safety net of our corporate design jobs to build our dream studio together in NYC – Burn & Broad, a creative studio focused on creating impactful designs for clients, and Another Day, the creative playground, focused on our artistic self-expression – with the goal of working together creatively and finding balance at the intersection of art and design.

Do you have a leader in your duo?

As an artist duo, we’ve jokingly always used the analogy of marriage to best describe our creative partnership. Everything is built on trust and collaboration. We’re on a creative journey, working together to bring our artistic visions to life while navigating the obstacles that life throws our way.

What is the main idea of Another Day: A Beautiful Chaos project?

Beauty is everywhere if you open your mind to it.


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