In the USA you can find art education institutions where you can learn painting, sculpture, film production, clothing design, interior design, etc. The main difference between art education in the USA and many other countries is the desire to apply all knowledge in practice. At such schools and universities in the United States, teachers encourage students in every way and thus help them to reach their potential and develop as creative individuals.

In the U.S., funding for art education comes at three levels: local, state and federal. The whole art education system is under state control. Students who want to pursue an art education can find both undergraduate and graduate programs. Most institutions that offer such programs are specialized art schools or universities with an art department.

The arts are a very broad field of education and include visual arts, stage art, music, and other areas. The educational institutions represented offer programs for different levels of education and are highly valued in the USA.

American Academy of Arts

Best Fine Art Schools in the USA

The academy is located in Chicago, Illinois. It was founded in 1923 to train professional artists. It offers 9 programs of study, which last 4 years and upon graduation the student receives a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. The main areas of training are painting, design, illustration, digital illustration, modeling, web design, 3D modeling/animation, photography, drawing from life.

All students start with a basic program that aims to develop basic skills in art. In this program, the basic tools and techniques of painting are studied. Humanities are also studied at the Academy, which is an integral part of all programs. They provide students with the opportunity to develop negotiation and communication skills and to form critical thinking.

All teachers are professionals with years of experience, who put their knowledge into practice and organize their own exhibitions.

The Academy is happy to welcome talented international students with a high level of knowledge of English. Quite often it is necessary to pass the TOEFL exam to confirm this level.

New York Film Academy

Best Fine Art Schools in the USA

New York Film Academy is considered to be the best school of applied film education. Courses are in the following areas: film production, acting in the film, animation, virtual reality, scriptwriting, photography, etc.

The programs are specially designed so that they combine theory and practice for effective training of students. This is achieved through a carefully planned schedule, seminars, and practical exercises. Lessons are conducted with professional equipment and experienced teachers in specially equipped classrooms, studios, laboratories, which makes the academy one of the best. Thus, the New York Film Academy is one of the best known and most popular.

New School of Architecture and Design

Best Fine Art Schools in the USA

The New School of architecture and design is located in San Diego, California. It combines the study of theoretical disciplines with the direct application of knowledge in practice. The teachers at this school are experienced practitioners who help students gain the skills they need in their professional careers. The school offers a bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in architecture, design, construction management, media design, interior design, and product design.

International students are also welcome at this school. They are provided with convenient conditions for admission and support during admission and study. Entry requirements are quite simple: you need to provide all the necessary documents, have an average score of at least 2.5, write a letter explaining the purpose of admission and provide your portfolio.

Rhode Island School of Design

Best Fine Art Schools in the USA

Rhode Island School of Design is a private college with about 2,300 students enrolled annually, more than 30% of whom are international students. Students can obtain a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Art and Design: Fashion Design, Industrial Design, Ceramics, Film Production, Graphic Design, and others. The school also has programs of illustration, photography, painting, and sculpture. Students can also focus on art history or philosophy studies.

In addition to the normal admission requirements, students are also asked to show their portfolio of the best recent works. In the portfolio, students submit 12-20 examples of their work in any form, including a film or video. This can be either finished work or just a sketch. At university, they are not only interested in the final result of the work, but also in the process of its creation.

School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Best Fine Art Schools in the USA

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago is another renowned independent art school in the country that offers undergraduate and graduate programs. This institute has more than 150 years of history and is known for its unusual schedule. The schedule includes major disciplines and interdisciplinary courses. In this way, students along with practical knowledge gain knowledge in the history and theory of art, architecture, and design.

Admission requirements are standard: a diploma with a statement of grades, letters of recommendation and most importantly – the portfolio. It should contain the best and newest works that the candidate believes reflect his or her ideas, interests that reflect the personality of the candidate.

California Institute of the Arts

Best Fine Art Schools in the USA

The California Institute of the Arts is a well-known institute located in Valencia, California.  The Institute attracts talented international students from almost 50 countries. Admission is on a competitive basis. When entering the Institute, the candidate’s talent, creativity, and interest in studies are the primary consideration. In addition to the usual admission requirements, the institute also offers auditions and a portfolio. The conditions are determined according to the chosen field of study.

School of Visual Arts

Best Fine Art Schools in the USA

The School of Visual Arts is the largest art education institution in the U.S. training specialists in advertising, animation, special effects, drawing, computer art, video and film, fine arts, graphic design, illustration, interior design, and photography. Here it is believed that in order to achieve success in the above areas, it is important not only to have artistic talent or be a professional in his work but also to understand a number of disciplines. Therefore, students should take courses such as “history of ideas” or “genetics and stem cells”.

Glassell School of Art

Best Fine Art Schools in the USA

The Glassell Art School presents modern studios and a large public space. Its total area is 8710 square meters. The rooftop garden and the surrounding area of Inc. Plaza also serve the expanding needs of the school, where students of all ages study. The general plan of the institution covers about one hectare and is adjacent to the sculpture garden of Lilly and Hugh Roy Cullen designed by Isamu Noguchi. The new building was constructed to replace the existing 1979 school. It is expected that the number of students will grow to 8,500.

Bard College

Best Fine Art Schools in the USA

Bard College is a prestigious private liberal arts and liberal arts and sciences university located in Annandale, Dutchess County, New York. It is the National Historic Monument of the United States. It is included in various ratings of the most innovative educational institutions in the USA. The institution includes one of the youngest and most progressive conservatories in America. and the Richard Fisher Center for the Performing Arts.

Maryland Institute College of Art

Best Fine Art Schools in the USA

The Maryland Institute College of Art is a private art college with an urban campus in Baltimore, Maryland. The College was founded in 1826 and teaches approximately 1,900 students. It offers programs in art history, ceramics, public arts, creative writing, critical theory, culture and politics, curatorial work, digital arts, drawing, experimental animation, fiber, gender studies, general arts, general visual arts, graphic design, illustration, interactive media, interdisciplinary sculpture, literature, painting, photography, painting, sculpture, studio work, pedagogy, and video.

Savannah College of Art and Design

Best Fine Art Schools in the USA

The Savannah College of Art and Design is a private college in Savannah, Georgia, founded in 1978 and teaches approximately 9,000 students. The College offers a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Master of Architecture, Master of Arts in Pedagogy, Master of Fine Arts and Master of Urban Design. It also offers certificate programs, and its five most popular specializations include graphic design, animation, film and television, fashion and photography.


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