Bompas & Parr brings bubble-gum flavours to design in Dubai


DUBAI – An artisanal Chewing Gum Factory by London-based studio Bombas & Parr was placed at the centre of Meet d3, a festival to inaugurate the Dubai Design District. Pink plumes of smoke could be seen shooting into the blue skies of the ever-growing metropolis, inviting visitors to take part in a truly entertaining experience.

Looking to elevate the reputation of this millennia-old product, the culinary architects created an immersive flavour-based experience where 200 different flavours came together in nearly 40,000 combinations.

Guests were invited inside the colourful cube, which was made up of two rooms. The first one’s dark interior – the Flavour Library – was where visitors had an introduction to the exciting flavours at their fingertips, ranging from myrrh to green pepper, sweet mandarin, black truffle, prawn head, humid soil, turmeric and ripe banana.

After posting their choice of two favourite flavours through the ‘flavour post box’, the next stop was the Making Room with its pink illumination and green walls. Here the levels of fun escalated as everyone got the chance to get hands-on and transform the individual selections into colourful, chewable, unique gum pieces.

Photos courtesy of Bompas & Parr.