Kris Perry, Mother Earth, 2020, Beach 98th Street Entrance, Rockaway Beach, Queens, NY

American sculptor Chris Perry has installed his new monumental sculpture on the waterfront of Rockaway Beach in New York City. The extraordinary ten-meter work called “Mother Earth” will remain here for a year. It is made of COR-TEN steel (or Weathering steel), a material that will change at different times of the year.

“I primarily work with steel, which is almost entirely made of mineral iron. The duality of the material of nature in a sculpture made with the help of technology seems to be a suitable metaphor that encourages viewers to think about their attitude towards the environment,” the author shared.

The sculpture uses many architectural elements – from temples, mosques and churches to the columns of classic Greek buildings. The spire directs the viewer’s gaze to the side, while its reflected shape points down to Earth. Spectators can go inside the sculpture to see the surrounding landscape from an unusual angle.


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