COMING SOON: Mary Rozell. Collector’s Handbook – 2020


Mary Rozell has released the second edition of the bestseller: the official release of the book took place on September 3, in online shopping networks it is expected on October 5, 2020. The Collector’s Handbook includes updates for each section and an all-new chapter on digital art. We will try to look inside the publication using the author’s interviews and our own data.

First of all, the updated edition takes into account the experience of Mary Rozell in the position of manager of the UBS bank collection (30 thousand objects of art), which the author took after the publication of the first book.

Other additions touched upon the final acceptance by the investment community of art as a financial asset, the global expansion of private museums and heritage funds, blurring the lines between the public and private art market as exemplified by auction houses and galleries, changes in the role of auction guarantees in the sale of art, and the unification of top galleries for sale, private collections (using the example of the same Donald Marron), and increasing the interest of a new generation of collectors in fractional ownership and methods of acquiring and managing art and design objects.

The updated edition paid attention and the trends of the summer of 2020: the diversification of collections by gender and race. The increase in the number of women billionaires willing to buy women artists will affect the increase in the value of the collections. Women today spend more money on art collecting than men. This will determine the future of the art market.

The American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has recently introduced new rules for gender and ethnic equality necessary for a film to be nominated for an Oscar. And it is worth expecting similar recommendations in the art market – in particular, in terms of collection.

Rozell’s book is an excellent resource for any art collector to have on hand, covering every aspect of planning, managing, and maintaining a collection. The book is based on the research on the topic and is simply ideally organized in the sense of presenting the material, so every professional working with works of art simply needs to have this edition in his library. The book should become a must-read for anyone who today wants to build their professional career in the art market.

The author approaches her research material with scrupulous attention, touching upon all the countless issues that concern the professional community today: from the basics of creating a collection to the nuances of taxation, insurance, and conservation, which continue to cause difficulties even for the most experienced specialists.


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