Finding a story inside the painting


“I’m going to tell you about an affliction I suffer from. And I have a funny feeling that quite a few of you suffer from it as well. When I’m walking around an art gallery, rooms and rooms full of paintings, after about 15 or 20 minutes, I realize I’m not thinking about the paintings. I’m not connecting to them. Instead, I’m thinking about that cup of coffee I desperately need to wake me up. I’m suffering from gallery fatigue…

And I leave feeling actually unhappy. I feel guilty and unhappy with myself, rather than thinking there’s something wrong with the painting, I think there’s something wrong with me. And that’s not a good experience, to leave a gallery like that…”

Perhaps, these feelings are familiar to many of you. If you love art but are lost in the labyrinths of art galleries and the abundance of modern trends, this story from Tracy Chevalier will help to orient yourself in the world of beauty and find in it something that will have a response in your soul.

Tracy Chevalier pulls stories from paintings and historical episodes, finding the human thread behind opaque images. Her best-known book is Girl With a Pearl Earring, inspired by a Vermeer painting; other books include The Lady and the Unicorn and Burning Bright, about two children who become neighbours of William Blake. Her upcoming book, The Last Runaway, tells a story from the Underground Railroad. In this video she tells about her experience in exploring depth and beauty of paintings.

Love art and enjoy watching!


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