The idea of the project was announced in December 2018, and now the city authorities have allocated 3.75 million dollars for the construction of The Universal Hip Hop Museum. The museum is already under development, and its opening is scheduled for 2023.

The museum was dedicated to the history and development of hip-hop culture and its other components – break and fashion. It will talk about the evolution of the genre and present its chronology – from DJ Grandmaster Flash music in the 1970s to contemporary rappers such as Cardi B.

Seminars, workshops and special programs for young people from the outskirts of New York City are also planned to be held at the museum.


According to CNN, the museum building is already under development, Rocky Bucano is responsible for its construction, and it will be built at Bronx Terminal Market.

The co-founders of the museum were legends of hip-hop culture – rappers Curtis Blow, Grand Wizzard Theodore, and others.

“We understand how important this is because hip-hop started in the Bronx. Hip-hop has embraced every aspect of modern society and it’s important for the community to know that people like them created it all,” said Rocky Bucano.

The first commercially successful rapper Curtis Blow, DJ Grand Wizzard Theodore, rappers Nas, Ice-T, and LL Cool J are working with him on the project, and Microsoft and MIT will equip some zones with artificial intelligence.

According to the NME, this attempt to open a museum of hip-hop in New York will be the fourth – previously it was planned to open in 2006, 2012 and 2018. According to the publication, the entire project will cost about $80 million, and with the help of the museum, the city authorities plan to attract more tourists to the Bronx and New York in general.


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