The researcher John Delaney, in conjunction with the Japanese Pola Museum of Art, conducted an analysis of Picasso’s painting “Mother with the Child by the Sea” by means of the infrared scanning, which allowed the experts to confirm the authenticity of the work. After that, they conducted a study of the paint layer, and there was an interesting detail here.

The technology of infrared scanning revealed the lower layers of the canvas, on which there were traces of the previous drawing and the French newspaper Le Journal of January 18, 1902. The presence of the newspaper still remains a mystery, but for biographers, its appearance is an important event, as the date of publication is close to the move of the artist from Paris to Barcelona. In addition to the newspaper, the scan revealed an early picture, which is a new image. It depicts a woman with a glass of absinthe. This fact is less surprising, since it is known that Picasso often wrote some paintings on top of others.

According to researchers, most likely, Picasso used the newspaper to close the old colorful layers of the previous image. “Mother with the child by the sea” along with the results of the research will be presented at a special exhibition in the Pola Museum of Art, and then go to the exhibition in the Parisian Museum of Orsay.