Judith Linhares Wins Artists’ Legacy Foundation’s Artist Award


Judith Linhares has won the Artists’ Legacy Foundation’s 2017 Artist Award, which recognizes one painter or sculptor each year who has made a significant contribution to their field. She will receive $25,000 from the foundation.

Linhares, who is based in Brooklyn, has become known for her visually audacious figurative paintings, which often feature nude women lounging in forests and by lakes, sometimes even roasting marshmallows by a fire pit in a rock enclave.

Artist Linda Fleming, critic and curator David Pagel, and the Crocker Art Museum’s associate director and chief curator, Scott A. Shields, judged this year’s award. “Her subjects, in and of themselves, could become illustration if handled by a lesser hand, but Linhares is always a painter first,” Shields said in a statement. “Once she lures the viewer in, the artist unleashes darker themes.”

The Artists’ Legacy Foundation was founded by Squeak Carnwath, Viola Frey, and Gary Knecht, with Frey’s bequest starting its annual award.