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Lisa Cooley Gallery, an influential Lower East Side space that opened on Orchard Street in 2008, has closed, sources tell ARTnews. The last show, “Jeff Witscher: August,” was up until Friday. No future shows are listed on the gallery’s website.

After opening at 34 Orchard Street in 2008—making her, at that point, a pioneer of the gallery corridor on Orchard below Delancey Street—Cooley moved to a bigger space a few blocks east, on Norfolk Street, in 2012. The space was rented during an upswing in the art market, and measured 4,800 square feet, quadruple the size of the previous location. It was designed by the firm Ashe + Leandro.

The gallery’s website lists the following artists on her roster: Trudy Benson, Alice Channer, Fiona Connor, Andy Coolquitt, Cynthia Daignault, Matthew Darbyshire, Josh Faught, Lucy Kim, Scott Reeder, Alan Reid, Sue Tompkins, Ben Vida, and Jennifer West.

When reached on the phone asking about the closure, Cooley declined to comment.

Update, 8:20 p.m.: Later this evening Cooley sent out an email to the gallery’s mailing list announcing the conclusion of “the gallery’s public program.” It follows in full below.

Dear friends and colleagues,

I am writing to announce that the gallery’s public program concludes with our previous exhibition, Jeff Witscher: August, organized by Yale Union’s Mark Lewis.

I want to genuinely thank the artists, collectors, curators, and critics who supported us since we opened in January 2008 and who created a substantive and meaningful conversation through the inevitable highs and lows all businesses face. I’m most thankful to the artists. It has been an honor to shepherd their vision, creativity, and all around magic. An incomplete list is below.

This gallery wouldn’t be successful without its phenomenal staff. We are lucky to have the best staff we’ve ever had, which is saying something since we’ve employed some incredible people. Alex Fleming, Kate Minford, John Michael Morein, and Kevin Reuning are profoundly wonderful professionals and humans and I hope I can reciprocate all of their diligence, loyalty, and kindness.

Although this chapter is ending, another one is right around the corner—more sustainable, more rewarding, and more interesting. In my mind, this change will continue and extend the direction of the recent gallery program. Stay tuned. I hope to show that growth can be about ideas, not just about scale, and I look forward to seeing everyone in person soon.

Lastly, consider taking a break from art and donating to one of these organizations:

Food Bank of New York
Planned Parenthood
Children’s Defense Fund

With gratitude,


Lawrence Abu Hamdan
Birgir Andrésson
Ed Atkins
Félicia Atkinson
Tauba Auerbach
Fia Backström
Darren Bader
Jo Baer
Josef Bauer
Michael Bauer
Becky Beasley
Susan Bee
Gene Beery
Leon Benn
Trudy Benson
Wallace Berman
Felix Bernstein
Julien Bismuth
Hannah Black
Sebastian Black
Jenna Bliss
Vern Blosum
Todd Bourret
Matthew Brannon
Scott Calhoun
Borden Capalino
Antoine Catala
Helen Chadwick
Alice Channer
Barb Choit
Susan Cianciolo
Peter Coffin
Anne Collier
Fiona Connor
Andy Coolquitt
David Kennedy Cutler
Cynthia Daignault
Hanne Darboven
Matthew Darbyshire
Michael Dean
Tacita Dean
Agnes Denes
Peter Dreher
Essex Olivares
Josh Faught
Alex Fleming
Ryan Foerster
Linda Fregni Nagler
Francesca Fuchs
Maureen Gallace
Ryan Gander
Mario Garcia Torres
Jef Geys
Melanie Gilligan
Heather Guertin
Brion Gysin
Frank Haines
Anthea Hamilton
Rachel Harrison
Tamara Henderson
Sheila Hicks
James Hoff
Susan Howe
Alex Hubbard
Jamie Isenstein
Rashid Johnson
Ray Johnson
Marie Karlberg
Jacob Kassay
On Kawara
Corita Kent
Caitlin Keogh
Rosy Keyser
Lucy Kim
Christopher Knowles
Eva Kot’átková
Ella Kruglyanskaya
Rob Kulisek
Alicja Kwade
Andrew Lampert
Sean Landers
Mernet Larsen
Margaret Lee
Zachary Leener
Sophia Le Fraga
Simone Leigh
Jochen Lempert
José Lerma
Alan Licht
Judith Linhares
Colette Lumiere
Ana Mendieta
Felipe Meres
Rick Meyers
Sadaf H. Nava
Anne Neukamp
William J. O’Brien
Alex Olson
Roman Opałka
Lisa Oppenheim
Blinky Palermo
Kamau Amu Patton
Jon Pestoni
Zak Prekop
Scott Reeder
Alan Reid
Ariana Reines
Marina Rosenfeld
Fred Sandback
Aram Saroyan
Paul Sharits
Tamio Shiraishi
Erin Shirreff
Emily Mae Smith
Josh Smith
Matt Sheridan Smith
Robert Smithson
Akio Suzuki
Stefan Tcherepnin
Sue Tompkins
Mierle Laderman Ukeles
J. Parker Valentine
Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven
Julie Verhoeven
Ben Vida
Yonatan Vinitsky
Dan Walsh
Jennifer West
Ingrid Wiener
Lisa Williamson
Jeff Witscher
B. Wurtz
Amy Yao
C. Spencer Yeh
Honza Zamojski
Mathew Zefeldt

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