Los Angeles’s Department of Cultural Affairs announced that it will spend about $3 million to support more than 1,000 art-based activities at some 250 nonprofits within the city as part of its annual Cultural Grant Program between July 1, 2017 and June 30, 2018.

The total for this round of grants, $2,997,120, is a slight uptick from 2016–17, which totaled $2,946,566. The 2015–16 edition offered $2,560,951 in funding. The average grant this year was about $11,000, and the awards range from $800 to $53,000.

Among the organizations receiving grants are the Hammer Museum ($31,950, for activities showcasing local artists), the Los Angeles County Museum of Art ($39,550, to support free music concerts, and an art education program), and the Institute of Contemporary Art ($11,000 toward an exhibition and related programming).

A full list of grants made through the program this year is available on the DCA’s website.