"The Shipbuilder and his Wife" (1663) by Rembrandt.

The Queen of Great Britain started a big repair in Buckingham Palace, due to which masterpieces from the royal collection, many of which have never left the palace or been exhibited in museums, will be on display this year.

The Royal Gallery, which plans to open its doors in December and work until January 2022, will exhibit 65 works from their collection of the British royal family, including Vermeer’s “The Music Lesson” and Titian’s drawings. Some paintings were seen only by official guests of the palace and small tourist groups during the annual opening for visitors in the summer season.

Among the most interesting exhibits of the exhibition and, as insiders say, the favorite painting of Queen Elizabeth II – “The Shipbuilder and his Wife” (1663) by Rembrandt.

The royal collection includes about 500 thousand works of printed graphics, 7 thousand paintings, 30 thousand drawings and watercolors, as well as ceramics, manuscripts, photographs, sculpture. All this is estimated at 10 billion pounds sterling.

And despite the fact that the art collection is based on the works of old masters, in recent years, the royal family has bought works of postwar and contemporary artists, including Andy Warhol and Anish Kapoor.


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