Melania Trump announced that she is launching her own NFT platform

Marc-Antoine Coulon, Melania's Vision, 2021 MELANIATRUMP

The former First Lady of the United States, Melania Trump has announced that she is launching her own NFT platform after the premiere of her first offering: painting with herself. In her statement, Melania Trump said that she is proud to announce her new NFT endeavor, which embodies her passion for the arts and supports her ongoing commitment to children through the Be Best initiative.

It is also known that part of the proceeds from the sale will go to teaching computer science skills to children who have left foster families.

Melania Trump`s first NFT offering, titled The Vision of Melania (2021), is a watercolor of the eyes of the former first lady of French artist Marc-Antoine Coulomb. In his Instagram post, the artist said he was very pleased and proud to be collaborating with Mrs. Melania Trump on this operation. The artist also added that his collaboration with Melania Trump took place under the best possible patronage, with full artistic confidence and with great efficiency and understanding on both sides of the common expectations from such a charitable operation.

Melania’s Vision comes with an audio component. This recording of Melania Trump serves as a message of hope. Melania Trump says that her vision is to look forward with inspiration, strength, and courage. Melania’s vision costs one Solana. It is a form of cryptocurrency like Ethereum. But it can also be purchased with a credit card for $150.

Melania Trump at the White House in November 2020. Photograph: Hannah McKay

The sale lasted until December 31st. And this was just the beginning, according to the press release, and more NFTs would appear regularly on Trump’s website. The next edition launched in January and offers three elements: a digital work of art, a physical work of art, and a physical one-of-a-kind accessory.

In January, Melania Trump posted a photo of herself in white for a starting price of just sol 1,415.86 (£180,000). Melania’s NFT venture isn’t her first encounter with entrepreneurship.

The former First Lady of the United States had a jewelry line and once developed a skincare line called Melania Trump’s Caviar Complexe C6™ with Lipid Matrix Receptor™ technology. Unfortunately, no one had a chance to use them due to a complex lawsuit that killed the product before it hit stores.

Melania Trump is auctioning off the ‘one-of-a-kind’ wide-brimmed white hat she wore when her husband hosted his first state visit at the White House in April 2018

Will the NFT project be better? The former first lady-turned-crown of cryptocurrencies has jumped on the trend of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The ex-first lady announced the launch of her Head of State auction just weeks after selling her first-ever NFT. The auction featured three different items to be sold together. They included a second NFT created by Marc-Antoine Coulomb, the same person who created her first digital portrait.

In addition to the wide-brimmed white hat, Melania Trump wore to welcome French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte to the White House in April 2018, the auction also features a watercolor painting by Coulomb of the former first lady wearing this daring accessory. as well as a moving digital version of the NFT artwork.

All three items up for auction, which opened on January 11 with a starting bid of $250,000, or 1,415.86 Solans (SOL), a form of cryptocurrency, are signed by Melania, and both versions of her portrait are also autographed by the artist.

Melania Trump is auctioning off the ‘one-of-a-kind’ wide-brimmed white hat she wore when her husband hosted his first state visit at the White House in April 2018


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