Museums are revived

The West Bund Museum in Shanghai

After its starting in 1977, International Museum Day has been taken every May 18 to commemorate galleries as important areas for social change.

Galleries large and little have undergone economic damages due to closings in the last periods. New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art prophesied damages of approximately $100 million after it finished on March 13, and consequently to the American Alliance of Museums, across the US, galleries are wasting at least $33 million a day.

This was the reason for layoffs and, with the smaller museums like Indianapolis Contemporary, also continual closing.

It’s not only the US-museums and galleries of all the planet that have had to close their entrances. “Raffaello,” a presentation at Rome’s Scuderie del Quirinale regarding the 500th jubilee of the death of Italian Renaissance artist Raphael finished on March 8 next three days.

A virtual tour of the presentation has been produced accessible online, and Eike Schmidt, the leader of the Uffizi Museum in Florence, who managed nearly with the Scuderie del Quirinale to create the show, told the real demonstration would be continued to the end of the year, if wanted.

But, in several cases, it’s impossible to stop programs due to the full schedule and the additional expenses of support and credits. Scientists have wasted months – also years — exploring and planning expositions that will never come true.

However, museums are gently opening, in Europe and Asia mainly. Since mid-March, shows in China, Germany, South Korea, and Switzerland have begun greeting guests, a lot of whom necessity stick to extra controls on temperature tests and human distancing.

In Munich, the Bavarian State Painting Collections’ galleries are letting one guest per 20 square meters of the presentation area. And, over China, guests’ QR codes are being scanned for parts on their well-being and the latest driving story.

Here is a working table of some of the galleries that have opened – or have declared they will soon.

West Bund Museum, Shanghai, China

Artist David Chipperfield’s glass West Bund Museum opened to the people in March. The exposition “The Shape of Time,” part of a long partnership with France’s Centre Pompidou, is now on show. The exhibit includes more than a hundred products of contemporary European art lent from the Paris establishment’s constant collection.

The Power Station of Art, Shanghai, China

The main to the Shanghai Biennale since 2012, the Power Station of Art is China’s first national modern painting gallery and was one of the first arts organizations to open in Shanghai on March 13. Installed in a restored energy factory, concluded with a 165-meter-high chimney, the museum demonstrates the composition of both Chinese and worldwide artists.

Museums are revived

The Power Station of Art in Shanghai


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