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Music festivals for art lovers

Music festival organizers often turn to artists to create impressive installations and set designs. Organizers always use light, films, and giant sculptures. But every time they try to do it differently. We invite you on a short tour of music festivals: from the psychedelic universe of Boom Festival to the tradition of experimental performance at the Berlin Atonal.


Burning Man 2022

Each year, more than 60,000 people gather in the middle of the Nevada desert for a one-week celebration of community life and creative expression. Visitors to this music festival are encouraged to create installations according to a theme that changes from year to year. There are also special funds to finance artists who do not have enough money to produce their work. Here you can see incredible sculptures against the backdrop of the setting sun against the location of the desert and, in addition to everything, the ritual ignition of a huge human figure made of wood.



Berlin’s Atonal Music Festival, founded in 1982, was an annual meeting of experimental music and art, serving as a platform for the pioneers of the electronic music scene. After closing in 1990, it reopened in 2014. The mission of this music festival is to shed light on the avant-garde in music, art installations, and other performances. Video artists, lighting artists and DJs occupy the huge former power plant for 4 days to offer a condensed package of underground culture.


Meadow in the Mountains is a small music festival that accepts artistic contributions from its participants, as long as they are collected along with materials available in the area. The result is a plethora of installations that blend in with the environment, like much of the festival, making it a prerogative to respect nearby residents and local life. The hippie-style outfits of most of The Meadows music festival goers give the party a very spontaneous side! The  Meadows festival 2023 is going to be one of the main art events.


Home-Boom 2023

The Boom music festival has been held every 2 years in Portugal since 1997. Initially, the music festival was dedicated to the trance music genre. It now features a more diverse cast revolving around alternative cultures. However, the Boom Festival is mostly known for its all-out psychedelic stages.

The music festival offers its audience a powerful experience, whether visual or audio, with the clear motto of eschewing any commercial sponsorship in favor of limitless creative freedom.



The Coachella Festival takes place in California. It offers not only a diverse live cast, but also a platform for visual arts, namely installations and sculptures. Each year, the organization commissions works that are normally only exhibited at Coachella due to the difficulty of moving them. A music festival is an attractive event for artists as much as musicians.


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