The international closed competition for the project of building the Nobel Center David Chipperfield won in November 2013.

In the concept proposed by the British architect, the jury members noted “lightness, openness and delicacy” and a visual embodiment of the ideals and dignity of the Nobel Prize awarded in the Swedish capital since 1901. The construction of the building however began only this year, and completion is scheduled for 2019. The project budget was more than € 125 million.

The Nobel Center (an area of 18,950 square meters) will open in the center of Stockholm, on the Blasieholmen peninsula, near the National Museum and forms a kind of cultural cluster with it. Next will be broken “Nobel garden.”

The modernist Chipperfield, a follower of Le Corbusier’s ideas, proposed a translucent volume with a panoramic view of the city. Brass panels give the facade a noble golden hue. Thanks to matte and transparent glass, the radiance of a huge oval chandelier in the evenings will be seen from afar. Thus, the Nobel Center is given the symbolic role of the lighthouse, which carries the light of knowledge – science, literature, and the protection of the world.

The first floor of the building will become an accessible public space. From here, tourists can begin their journey into the world of the inventor of dynamite Alfred Nobel (1833-1896).

There will be exhibitions, a museum, a cafe and a shop will open. The culmination of the project is the fourth floor, where a hall for 1,400 seats will be located, in which, as usual, on December 10, solemn ceremony of awarding the Nobel Prize will take place.