Pablo Picasso. 15 Unknown Facts About The Artist


Even people far from art have heard about Pablo Picasso. This Spaniard became famous not only as an artist but also as a sculptor, graphic artist and designer. According to statistics from the US Museum of Art, Picasso created over 20,000 works through his life. In addition, he is one of the best-selling and “expensive” painters. UsaARTnewS presents a selection of the most interesting facts about Pablo Picasso.

1. Pablo was a very weak child, and at birth, the midwife first found the baby dead. But uncle Picasso, who was an avid smoker, looked into the woman’s room directly with a cigar

“Picador” – the first painting by Picasso

in his mouth and blew smoke into the baby’s face. The child cried and “came to life.”


2. When baptized, Picasso received a name consisting of 23 words. All of it were either saints or relatives. The full name sounds like Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno María de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santísima Trinidad Martyr Patricio Clito Ruíz y Picasso.

3. The first word that Picasso said was “pencil”. The boy’s father was an artist.

4. His first work of art that he painted at the age of 9 years. It was called “Picador”. His first serious work he created at the age of 15, and she was called “First Communion.” The artist’s father, his sister and mother are depicted on the cat.

“First Communion.”

5. His first exhibition Picasso opened in 13 years. Then the paintings were exhibited in the store room, where the umbrellas was selling.

Picasso: “Inspiration exists, but it must catch you at work”

6. During his life in Paris, Picasso had monetary difficulties, he was forced to burn pictures to heat the room.

7. Among Picasso’s friends were such famous personalities as Guillaume Apollinaire, Gertrude Stein, André Breton and Henri Matisse.

Young Picasso in Montmartre

8. Picasso was very loving, and he often had many passions at the same time. Did not interfere with this and the presence of a legitimate spouse.

9. Picasso began to sign his work with only one surname in 1901.

10. Pablo was fond of not only painting, but also poetry. In the period from 1935 to 1959 he wrote more than 300 poems.

11. Picasso is known as one of the portrayers and founders of the Cubism style. True, the name was invented not by him, but by a critic who noticed that Picasso’s paintings contain a lot of cubes.

Picasso with the head of the minotaur

12. In 1911, Picasso became one of the suspects in the case of the theft of “Mona Lisa” Da Vinci. His friend Guillaume Apollinaire, arrested on suspicion of theft, pointed to Picasso. After the interrogation, they were both released.

13. Picasso is the most “abducted” artist. It is his paintings that are often stolen by the works of other painters.

Picasso: “Everything you can imagine is real”

14. The artist’s last words were: “Drink for me, for my health, since I can not drink more.”

15. Picasso was extremely successful commercially by the artist. After himself, he left the estate and real estate worth a half billion dollars.