Phillips Introduces New Digital Product

Phillips Room at the head-office in New York

With the help of the Articker program, it will be possible to find out which artists are in trend and why.

Analysis of the presence of the artist’s name and works in various media is an effective and integral tool for developing the brand of a particular author. Previously, such analysis included a considerable part of intuition, interaction with various media, and news aggregators, as well as the use of various analytics tools on the network. Auction house Phillips decided to simplify this part of the work for analysts and other specialists in the art market by launching the newest analytical program Articker.

Articker is a search engine analytics platform that monitors and evaluates the media coverage of a specific author’s name and market-based on open media. The program has been developed since 2014 by a team of IT specialists. The analytical tool is based on open-source intelligence technology. It tracks data on approximately 150 thousand artists, daily viewing about 5 thousand articles from 16 thousand online news sources to obtain information about which names are of the highest interest at the moment. At the moment, Articker is mainly used to obtain analytical data by the employees of the auction house Phillips, but a modified version of the program will be available to customers.

Konrad Imelinksy, head of the program’s development team, said it is the largest repository of non-price online artist data. According to Jean-Paul Engelin, Phillips Deputy Chairman of the Board and Co-Head of 20th Century and Contemporary Art, the tool is especially valuable because it is designed to provide insight into the value of an artist beyond the limited volume of public auction records. As a rule, you have to wait until the auction takes place to find out about the prices on the artist’s secondary market. But with Articker, Phillips now can track the growth of interest in new authors, as well as find future promising names even before they go to market.

As online sales grow, international art institutions are increasingly investing in digital projects to meet both internal and client needs. Edward Dolman took over as CEO of Phillips in July 2014. Since then, he has prioritized the company’s digital development.


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