NASA’s Juno spacecraft released in 2011, arriving at Jupiter in July of 2016 to start a series of what’s going to ultimately be 12 orbits across the sun machine’s biggest planet. The direction selected for this unique task is a huge polar orbit, most of that’s spent properly far from Jupiter. but once every 53 days Juno screams from pinnacle to bottom throughout the surface of the gaseous planet, recording records and snapping pictures for 2 hours. It takes around 1.five days to down load the six megabytes of information accrued all through the transit.

Juno only takes a handful of still photographs each time it passes Jupiter, all of that are made available to the public. fortunate for us Sean Doran stitched together the photographs from Juno’s closing transit (colorized by Gerald Eichstädt) to create an approximate video/animation of what it looks as if to fly over the giant planet. song delivered by means of Avi Solomon.