Rembrandt’s self-portrait set a record at auction: it was sold for $ 18.7 million

Rembrandt's self-portrait, 1632

The total proceeds of the auction in which this painting was sold amounted to $ 193 million.

Self-portrait by Rembrandt (Harmenszoon van Rijn, 1606-1669) sold at auction in London for £ 14.5 million ($ 18.7 million).

The preliminary estimated cost of the canvas was £ 12-16 million ($ 15-20 million). Six collectors fought for it. The final cost of the painting turned out to be twice the previous record set in 2003 (£ 6.9 million).

The artist painted this self-portrait in 1632 at the age of 26. Rembrandt created about 80 self-portraits, but this one is considered very rare, as this is one of only two canvases on which Rembrandt depicted himself in full dress.

The total sales proceeds from Rembrandt to Richter amounted to £ 149.7 million ($ 193 million). This auction covers five hundred years of world art history. Five lots crossed the $ 10 million mark. This was reported by TASS in the Sotheby’s auction house that held the bidding in London, on Tuesday 28 July.

Collectors were offered 71 lots. Sculpture Standing Woman by Swiss sculptor Alberto Giacometti (1901-1966) was sold for £ 10.7 million. The landscape of the modern German artist Gerhard Richter was sold for £ 10.5 million. Abstract still life by Fernand Léger went for £ 12.2 million. Charcoal portrait of Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) found a new owner for £ 7.3 million. Two works by Wassily Kandinsky (1866-1944) were sold for £ 1.27 million each.

The top lot of the auction evening was a work by the Spanish artist Joan Miró (1893−1983) Painting (Woman in a Red Hat), made in the style of abstract art. It was sold for £ 23.7 million ($ 30.5 million) with an original appraised value of £ 20-30 million.

In addition, the triptych “View of the Mediterranean Sea, 2017”, created by British street artist Banksy and dedicated to the theme of the migrant crisis in Europe, was sold at twice the original price.

Landscapes were sold for £ 2.23 million ($ 2.9 million).


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