Today’s luxury department stores have evolved into innovative lifestyle platforms where shoppers can not only indulge in the latest trends, but also marvel at presentations from the world of art, a domain the luxury industry increasingly associates with for its creative output. This global trend has also been adopted by de Bijenkorf, the leading luxury emporium in the Netherlands, allowing it to raise its profile in an unprecedented way. The so-called Room on the Roof, a gallery space situated in the tower of the department store’s flagship in Amsterdam, features a rotating program of exhibitions, performances, installations, and artworks in other forms by international artists in collab with the city’s renowned Rijksmuseum.

These artistic concoctions aren’t only shown upstairs but also manifest throughout de Bijenkorf’s premises. Currently on display is a ground floor window installation entitled above the roof, abstracted landscapes by Rotterdam-based artist Sabine Marcelis. The installation mimicks the play of sunlight amidstthe clouds that the artist witnessed up on the roof, and features a monolithic construction of sivercoated glass fused with a palette of colours, and neon lights.