Scientists have found a hidden painting under Pablo Picasso’s 1922 still life

Pablo Picasso, Still Life. 1922

The drawing was discovered by experts of the Chicago Institute during a study of still life. Experts are sure that the work belongs to the famous Spanish, and was written in his apartment in Paris. And the team that made the discovery has proof.

A Spanish painter, sculptor, and designer born in the late 19th century, Pablo Picasso is known to the world for his abstract works. Picasso is considered the founder of Cubism, an art movement based on the analysis of a three-dimensional object into simpler elements. The thieves put the Spaniard’s paintings in first place in the rating of the coveted, and experts recognize the artist’s work as one of the most expensive in the world.


Scientists have found a hidden painting under Pablo Picasso's 1922 still life
Pablo Picasso

Scientists from all over the world continue to study the work of the Spaniard.

The team at the Art Institute of Chicago was fortunate enough to use X-rays and infrared images to thoroughly examine the layers of paint in the 1922 painting Still Life.

To their surprise, scientists discovered a hidden drawing in the form of a jug, a mug, and a rectangular object that looks like a piece of thick paper. The items were placed on a table or chair.

The team of the department announced the opening on July 21 on the website of the journal SN Applied Sciences.

Scientists have found a hidden painting under Pablo Picasso's 1922 still life
The sketch that was discovered under Picasso`s painting

As the scientists said, it was common for Picasso to paint on top of another drawing, but, as a rule, he combined works or supplemented the original sketch with new details. In this case, before painting the abstract part, the artist painted over the sketch with a thick layer of white paint. This seems somewhat unusual in Picasso’s practice, as he often painted on top of earlier compositions, allowing the underlying shapes to shine through and influence the final drawing.

Experts assured that the drawing belongs to the artist, noting that similar work is now in the Gothenburg Museum of Art in Sweden. The Chicago team suggested that the initial sketches of Picasso’s hidden painting were inspired by the design of his apartment and studio in Paris.

Scientists have found a hidden painting under Pablo Picasso's 1922 still life
Still life at the Gothenburg Museum


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