Several art fairs in unusual formats opened in Scandinavia at once

Screenshot of the main page of the Enter Art Fair website

For half a year, the world art community has been racking its brains in search of new formats of work. So far ahead of the rest of the planet are the northern countries with a whole fireworks of ideas.

Art institutions are striving with maximum activity to compensate for the forced calm of the first half of the year. In the countries of Scandinavia, two innovative contemporary art fairs take place these days.

The CHART Art Fair takes place from 28 to 30 August in five major northern cities: Copenhagen, Oslo, Reykjavik, Stockholm, and Helsinki. 28 participating galleries do not gather in a common exhibition space, but according to a single plan and under a single brand, fairs present their art in their cities, uniting at common sites or individually.

The fair, designed to support the creativity of Scandinavian artists, combines a number of parallel projects in five cities with an online format. And (for this year it’s already familiar, but for any other time – surprising) in digital form, it is no different from other similar events, including a shared exhibition space, chat rooms with visitors and separate virtual viewing rooms and galleries.

The second fair – Enter Art Fair – is held in Copenhagen from 27 to 30 August in cooperation with Artland.

In a new exhibit format, the organizers combined a traditional art fair with a state-of-the-art digital art fair and invited visitors to real-life pavilions and virtual halls. Unlike other similar group projects, the duration of this fair is not limited by the dates of its offline part. The fair’s virtual space is fully operational all year round, bringing together artists, galleries, collectors, and art lovers from all over the world.




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