Spotlight: An Online Exhibition Teases Out Connections Among Dozens of Works by Contemporary Artists From Around the Globe


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What You Need to Know: A recent exhibition at Los Angeles’s Art Show International Gallery brought together works by nearly 40 contemporary artists from across the globe for the wide-ranging exhibition “Art Connects.”  The exhibition, which is now available to explore online, aims simply to showcase the work of artists that have caught the gallery’s eye in the past year, be they landscapes, portraits, or vibrant abstractions, and see what connections arise between the works. 

Why We Like It:  Among the wealth of art we found some favorites. Russian artist Olga Bezlepkina creates luminous watercolor paintings, usually of plants, while American artist Gayle Printz makes looping abstractions reminiscent of Jackson Pollock, but in bright tones. Printz, in fact, only started painting in 2020. Another standout was Alena Fadeeva’s gesturally dripped, abstract canvases, which manage to be at once visceral and ghostly. What becomes clear through the exhibition is that working contemporary artists are engaging in a much broader spectrum of styles than one would see during a stroll through New York or London’s blue-chip gallery districts. 

According to the Gallery: “From the subdued remains of the Cáceres cave painting some 65,000 years ago to the brisk escalation of the all-pervasive internet, the human brain has forever been making connections. Our connected neurons breathe life into our abstract thoughts. Above all, the connection that art makes transcends all boundaries of time and space. Look closely and you’ll find that the freshly sprayed face of resistance in the war-torn streets of Kyiv was made from the same pot of paint used to scribble graffiti at a Black Lives Matter rally in New York City. The artists of Art Show International Gallery stand unique in their diversity, congregating on our gallery walls from across 92 countries and six continents. Art simply connects!” said gallery director Indira Das.

Browse works from the exhibition below.

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Alena Fadeeva, Way You Think #3 (2021). Courtesy of Art Show International.

Alena Fadeeva, (2021). Courtesy of Art Show International.


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Olga Bezlepkina, Three. Willow-herb (2021). Courtesy of Art Show International.

Olga Bezlepkina, (2021). Courtesy of Art Show International.

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Gayle Printz, WET (2021). Courtesy of Art Show International.

Gayle Printz, (2021). Courtesy of Art Show International.



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