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Digital Artist FEWOCiOUS

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Last month, the new name became the subject of art debate when a set of five NFT digital art pieces were sold at a special sale at Christie’s in New York for $ 2.1 million. And this name was not to be expected: Fewocious.

This is the pseudonym for Victor Langlois, an 18-year-old artist from Seattle who comes from a family of Salvadoran immigrants in Las Vegas.

Featuring Fewocious’ signature bright colors, graffiti-like text, and distorted faces, the work is about, as Christie’s touted, “a journey through Fewocious’s teenage years, growing up as a transgender man in a violent home.” In fact, it turned out that the work served Victor as a trance for the NFT digital art world, while also making him the youngest artist ever sold at Christie’s.

FEWOCiOUS, Year 5, Age 18 – I Taught Myself How To Fly (2021)

Just a year ago, Fewocious was selling paintings for $ 95 online and was just starting to experiment with NFT digital art. Now he has reportedly made $ 16 million and is talked about in the city.

The Teenager Who Crashed Christie’s Auction House

At approximately 10:00 am ET on June 23, 2021, the site of legendary auction house Christie’s did something it had never done before: it crashed. Buyers flooded the site trying to place bids on a series of NFT digital art from an up-and-coming digital artist named FEWOCiOUS, and this traffic caused, as Christie’s put it, “problems.”

As a result, the auction was canceled and postponed two days later – all because a teenager specializing in creating paintings that cannot be touched, held, or hung broke the system. FEWOCiOUS, whose real name is Victor Langlois, is one of the most successful and visible members of the growing community of queer crypto artists making progress in the modern gold rush that is the NFT digital art market.

If you missed the whole Beeple phenomenon, the NFT is a unique set of digital files that are stored on the public blockchain and serve as proof of ownership of the accompanying NFT digital artwork.

The everlasting Beautiful, Victor “Fewocious” Langlois

If you have an NFT digital artwork, that means you have the original. Buying and selling NFTs is a multi-million dollar industry right now, and Langlois has proven to be a bright spot at the center of it. Since entering the NFT market in 2020, NFT artist Langlois has earned just under $ 18 million.

His digital work, The everlasting Beautiful, sold for a whopping $ 550,000. He is now the youngest artist ever introduced by Christie’s and the first person to crash its site. The NFT digital art series that crashed Christie’s is called “Hi, I’m Victor (FEWOCiOUS) and this is my life.” It documents Langlois’s difficult childhood and gender reassignment in five digital and physical paintings.

It is both an exit story and a coronation – the highest achievement for a young artist who has struggled to get to where he is today.

After a contentious home life, Victor Langlois left home at 18 years old, bought a one-way ticket to Seattle, and has been creating art to pay the bills.

Ask Langlois about NFT art’s meaning for him, and he will answer in the simplest language that it saved his life. In his opinion, this was his only way out of an inhospitable situation, which became more and more hostile as he tried to identify and accept his transcendence. Once he started selling several of his prints online, Langlois realized that art could be the key to escaping intolerable surroundings.

Langlois stumbled upon a rabbit hole in the NFT underworld in August 2020 when a client suggested that he host the NFT on the Superrare website. Despite his doubts, NFT artist Langlois followed his advice and listed “I Always Think of You,” a surreal Picasso-style painting of a school hobby. It sold for just over $ 1,000.

It sold for just over $ 1,000. Immediately after selling the artwork, Langlois sold two more. He made $ 3,000 in one day.


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