A few days ago, Heatherwick Thomas presented its new unusual art project called “Vessel”, which consists of a structure in the form of a huge vessel with walls-stairs. The construction is made of copper and steel. In total there are 154 connecting flights and 2500 steps. The project is designed specifically for the development of new York’s Hudson Yards district.

The project “Vessel” is also called vertical maze, but getting lost in it is simply impossible. Then what is it? The new York mayor, Bill de Blasio admitted that he respects the work of the author, however, hopes that the design will not be built on. “I have three main reasons for this:

First, the building seemed ugly, boring and largely meaningless.

Secondly, this is an absurd amount of money for the artwork.

And, thirdly, his very presence in town is likely to have a detrimental effect on the rating of the public on matters of culture in new York”. Most authorities resent the cost of the project, we are talking about $ 200 million. And so much money will be wasted, while many of the largest museums in new York are trying to overcome financial problems.

According to Thomas Heatherwick, he was inspired by ancient ladders India, among which a special place is well Chand Baori. There is probably no some other similar buildings, which could be compared with him, because he has a unique form. Chand Baori built in the form of a huge inverted cone, its depth is about 30 meters. The highlight of the well – terraced walls, thanks to which the inhabitants went down to the water tank. Chand Baori, according to media reports, the main problem of the construction of Hisservice that it makes no sense, that is, people will come to do a selfie and all. Is that worth continue to Fund this project? Especially when we are talking about such a large amount.