The largest painting in the world will be sold in Dubai

Artist Sacha Jafri

An abstract canvas the size of two football fields will be the main lot of the charity auction this December.

Work on the world’s largest painting, called The Journey of Humanity, has been going on for 20 weeks at Atlantis, The Palm in Dubai. It is expected that the work on the canvas will be finished in September. By the time, its area will be 1,800 square meters.

In November 2020, the painting will be exhibited at the hotel where it was created, and in December, the painting will be divided into 60 smaller pieces (about 30 square meters each) and sold at a charity auction during a gala dinner.

The artist and the auction organizers aim to raise $ 30 million to be split between Humanity Inspired, part of a larger UNESCO project led by Unicef, and the UAE-based charity Dubai Cares. UAE-based charity Dubai Cares aims to bridge the digital divide between developing and industrialized countries.

The author of the work, British artist Sacha Jafri is known for his charitable projects. Humanity Inspired describes him as one of the most famous living artists in the world, who has raised over $ 60 million in sales of his art to charities around the world.

Despite such an impressive characteristic, in the databases of the results of open auctions, the top sales are led by a deal made in 2019 by the Taiwanese auction house Ravenel in the amount of $ 70.7 thousand, including commission.

Whatever the outcome of the future charity auction, this event has already received the support of many famous people, including football player David Beckham, writer Deepak Chopra, and actress Eva Longoria.

The author and the organizers of the charity event plan to submit an application to the Guinness Book of Records. The Journey of Humanity is going to be registered as the largest painting on canvas ever created by a man.

Sacha Jafri: “COVID equalized everyone”

The largest painting in the world will be sold in Dubai
Artist Sacha Jafri

Famous artist, Sacha Jafri’s customers include Leonardo DiCaprio, Madonna, and Barack Obama. Today the master implements one of the most difficult tasks in his career – he creates a canvas that has no analogs in size. It breaks all art records recorded to date, including in size, the picture is comparable in area to two football fields!

During the pandemic, the British artist isolated himself in the Atlantis hotel in Dubai and spent 6 weeks within its walls. Saсha says that the coronavirus has become a kind of common denominator, the virus levels everyone – both financially and socially. Any man and any woman can suddenly fall into the cage and get hurt.

As part of the project, Sacha invites children from all over the planet to present their own works of art dedicated to isolation and a new understanding of contacts and connections: they will be embedded in a giant canvas.




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