Roy Lichtenstein in his studio, New York, 1982

The Roy-Liechtenstein American Foundation announced a future closure scheduled for 2020. In this regard, the administration of the fund decided to donate its archives to US museums.

Initially, the fund will provide about four hundred works of Roy Lichtenstein Museum of American Art Whitney and 500,000 documents to the Smithsonian archives of American art. As noted by the director of the Museum of Whitney, Adam Weinberg, the gift of the Liechtenstein Foundation is one of the greatest donations of the works of one artist in the history of the museum.

Whitney Museum, where 26 works of Liechtenstein are currently stored, will independently select works for the collection from the fund. On their basis, it is planned to create a center for studying the creativity of Roy Liechtenstein by the fall – he will be in the former studio of the artist, located not far from the museum. Documents transferred to Smithsonian archives will be digitized and published on open access on the Internet.


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