73-year-old Australian David Glasheen was a successful businessman, yet he did not lose nearly all his fortune during the financial crisis of 1987. Since then, the man has rethought his life, deciding to retire on a small island near the coast of the Green Continent, where he has lived for 20 years, reports Mirror.

According to Glasheen, it took him almost 10 years to find a new life. Soon after the businessman went bankrupt, his wife left him. A new Australian girl invited him to flee together on some uninhabited island. David agreed, but soon it turned out that his lover was not ready for life in the middle of the wild. So the Australian was left alone. Now his only interlocutor is a dog.

In the wooden hut of the former millionaire, there is practically no electricity, it is generated by solar panels. Nevertheless, the Australian does not lose touch with the outside world, periodically leaving the Internet. He watches TV shows and even gets to know women.
“The main minus of my life on the island is the lack of live communication.I would be happy to find a companion or two who could come to me at least a couple of times a year,” says the Australian.

David feeds on the fodder, independently growing vegetables in his garden. Once a year he gets out to the nearest town to indulge himself with sweets and other products that can not be produced on his own.

Sometimes tourists come to him, who bring “Robinson Crusoe” gifts, for example, alcohol.

Despite all the disadvantages associated with hermit’s life, the Australian says that he is in paradise, which will not change anything.