One of the best ways to get information and news these days is through your phone. And some of the most important things to get news updates on are politics and the workings of Congress. So why not utilize your phone to get news updates on what Congress is up to?

Sometimes, we get caught up only thinking about the Presidential election every 4 years, and that’s when we start getting informed. However, Congress holds just as much power as the President in many ways, so it’s important that we stay up to date on the bills they’re voting on and which Representative is voting certain ways. With informational Congress mobile apps, you can get an idea of which of your state representatives deserves to be reelected, and you can have a voice in how they vote on Capitol Hill.

Research Info on Special Issues Up for Voting

Being an informed voter and member of society takes research. You have to understand the issues that will come up for a vote if you want to have an informed opinion on the issues and how your Congressmen should vote.

Even though there is more information available today than ever before, staying informed is also much more difficult. Due to false news, sloppy/rushed reporting, and constant attempts by extreme left or extreme right groups to mislead the public, you really can’t trust much of what you read on the internet. These informative mobile apps, however, can point you in the direction of reputable sources and verifiable information so that you can trust what you’re reading and watching about these issues.

Find Out How Your Representatives are Voting

Another important way to be an informed voter is to understand how your State Representatives and Senate members are voting on these issues. While many will “toe the party line” on most issues, these members will often change their votes in the days leading up to the decision based on political scheming and deals that the public is never aware of.

You can hold your representatives accountable to vote how they are expected to vote by getting updates on recent Capitol Hill votes on bills. With the right information, you’ll be able to inform your opinion on whether or not your Congressmen have earned your vote in the next election, which is always less than 2 years around the corner.

Find Petitions and Get Your Voice Heard

Once you understand how your Congressmen are voting on these issues, you can take steps to get your voice heard. In the days leading up to a vote on a bill, many citizens will create petitions and send them to Congressmen, pleading with them to vote a certain way on an issue. If you’re never aware of the petitions, you might lose out on an opportunity to make your voice heard on an issue that’s important to you.

Mobile apps can help put you in touch with your Congressmen, give you the best ways in which to communicate with them, and get notifications on the latest petitions on upcoming bills, human rights issues, and any of the legislatures that impacts you personally.


More than often, knowing for whom to vote isn’t easy. Yet, it’s likely one of the most important duties each citizen has. Picking the right representative has a long-lasting impact both for you, your state, and country. Hopefully, our tips helped you out in being a bit more secure about your next voting. As an added bonus, we found a neat list of apps. Someone actually took the time to gather apps that help people get better informed about upcoming elections. The apps seem to be for congress elections, but nevertheless, if you feel you could use one, check out the list.

Apps to Stay Informed & Vote on Congressional Elections Bundle

With the right mobile apps at your disposal, you can make a difference in your country by being an informed voter, holding your representatives accountable, and being able to sign petitions regarding bills that are most important to you and the people you love. Our Founding Fathers designed the government to give the people a voice, so make sure that yours is heard.


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