Wet Paint in the Wild: Chloe Wise Romps Through Fashion Week and Feasts With Eric of ‘Tim and Eric’


What a force for fun and beauty Chloe Wise is in the art world. To know the painter is to admire her energetic and playful portraiture, and to love her is to have tried some of her homemade focaccia. As she is an artist with hands in many different pots, I gave her a camera for the beginning of fashion week to see what its chaotic whirl looks like from her perspective. She did not disappoint. Take it away, Miss Wise!


Participating in some sunshine-play at the studio with Lee Dawson.

Margalit Cutler with lettuce leaves that will soon become a new salad sconce.

Eric Wareheim and Jeremiah Stone with love in their eyes, joy in their hearts, and an array of meats in their bellies.

The Grill: for special occasions! Have you ever even heard of a ham steak? I know, it’s not kosher and it sounds, quite frankly, weird and gross, and possibly exists in the wrong decade. However, this lil surprise was v juicy and stunning, and came with mandolin thin pineapple and won the hearts of all who had the delight of sitting at this table.

A happy man with some spätzle.

A corner of my studio that houses some of my recent acquisitions! From friends! Josh Abelow “Beavis and Butthead” to the left, and Nathan Fielder by Jack Jubb on the right!

Sourdough focaccia bubbly boy.


Aria Dean walking for Eckhaus Latta.

Mike Eckhaus and Zoe Latta everybody!

Lucy Chadwick, Taylor Trabulos, and Max Ortega at the Eckhaus show, moments after that guy from shocked, served, slayed, and stole hearts on the runway, very sexy.

Speaking of serving sexy, here’s Pluto.

At the Eckhaus Latta party I bumped into some of the very cutest and most eligible commenters on who’s cute and eligible! Hello Gutes, hello Annie, how are you?

ANNIE Armstrong don’t delete this pic HELLO it’s wet PAINT [Editor’s note: This photo is not indicative of how inebriated I was at the Eckhaus Latta after-party, and was included in this essay to appease its subject.]

Juliette Labelle, Beverly Nguyen, Ava Osdol.

Mister Sam Wilken at his gallery, Francis Irk.

Sam at Francis Irv, with a painting by Nick Bierk that you can barely see but that I did acquire!!!!

Logan Jackson and Jess Kirsh giving the exact same hair at the exact same time, at, of all places, Dimes.

Mykki Blanco absolutely slaying at the Chelsea Hotel for an Acne party.

Blake Abbie; shining, shimmering, splendid.

Sources are calling Rachel Rossin and Jed Moch tremendously lovable.

Uncle Danny Bowien, oui chef, oui extremely good, and undeniably naturally blonde chef.

Carly Mark puppets and puppets and puppets and peppers.

Richie Shazam, Ben Draghi, and Carly Mark at Holiday Bar after the puppets and puppets show. Feel like I should have been in this pic, what do you guys think?


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