Modern people are so spoiled by the possibilities and easy availability of a variety of graphic editors that sometimes it seems that it’s simply impossible to see photos without embellishments today. And yet all the pictures from this review are the most that are real. Just watch and enjoy.

1. From the flock of pink flamingos, a giant … flamingo was formed randomly!

This unique and amazing photo was taken on the Yucatan Peninsula by photographer Bobby Haas, who works for National Geographic.

2. The metro station “Solna centrum” in Stockholm, Sweden

The station, which more closely resembles a portal to the underworld, is built in rock at a depth of 27-36 meters under the ground, the walls are painted black, red and green.

3. Webs in Sindh, Pakistan

The reason for the appearance of trees, wrapped in cobwebs, was flooding of incredible proportions, which flooded most of the territory of Pakistan and forced spiders to seek shelter above the ground.

4. A large prismatic source in Yellowstone National Park, USA

With its incredible vivid appearance, this place is obliged to the active activity of pigmented bacteria that live along its edges, and in the central part of the source water usually has a saturated blue color due to the high mineral content.

5. “Painted” sculpture “Horizons”, New Zealand

The scale monument from the steel of the New Zealand sculptor Neil Dawson is located on top of a hill and looks from afar, it looks great against the blue sky.

6. A person with a through hole in place of the eye

As a result of the operation conducted due to illness, the man was actually removed half the face, but now he can easily thrust a finger through the orbit.

7. A Dangerous Snapshot on the Skyscraper in Dubai

Extreme Russian model Vika Odintsov without insurance posed for a picture on top of Cayan Tower – the highest twisted skyscraper in the world.

8. A shark swallowing another shark

A small American dog shark was wholly swallowed by a hungry sandy tiger shark in the Delaware Bay.

9. The mouth of a river flowing into the ocean, Iceland

A breathtaking snapshot of the river mouth, made by photographer Andrei Ermolaev from a bird’s eye view, turned an ordinary photo into an optical illusion.

10. Angora rabbit – the most fluffy in the world

Such cute rabbits, whose homeland is the region of Angora in Turkey, are bred specially for obtaining long and soft wool.

11. Vivid installations of the “unified perspective”

The paintings, created by the talented French artist Georges Rousseau in abandoned buildings, can be seen only from a certain point in the author’s original idea.

12. “The Melting House” on Avenue George V, Paris

In fact, this is not a real facade of the house, but a construction that served as a screen for construction work – the restoration of a classical building.

13. “Drunken bridge” to nowhere, Norway

Unusually built Storsezandetskiy bridge, which is one of the attractions of Norway, the locals nicknamed “drunk” because of the incredible bends reminiscent of roller coaster.

14. Colombian Lesmain Paredes at the World Weightlifting Championships

A successful shot of the athlete in the jump, which captured the successful attempt of the heavyweight to lift the bar weighting 190 kilograms.

15. The frozen Swiss lake

The surface of a frozen lake, resembling a pattern laid out of glass, is obtained as a result of the formation of a multitude of ice molecules at different points of the lake.