Do you know many photographers less than 25 years old? And surely among your friends there is at least one young guy or girl whose works seem to you at times more qualitative than the creations of individual masters. Alex Stoddard is one of those “friends” who, without having his own site, but laying out at least one picture every day in flickers, slowly achieves success.

Alex Stoddard is a photographer from the United States. Born in Jacksonville, Florida, and spent his childhood far to the south. I started making self-portraits at the age of 16, in the woods, behind my house. Later, this fascination with photography prompted him to start creating a picture of the picture with which he could express his feelings and emotions.

When Alex Stoddard started his project called “365” on Flickr, he had few followers, only friends and relatives. When one year later the project was completed, there were already tens of thousands of fans among the admirers of his talent. In his works, Alex creates a dark and fantastic world full of exciting dramatic stories and showing the fragility of the human body. Currently, Alex Stoddard is based in Los Angeles, California.

Never short on ideas, Stoddard’s portfolio is constantly growing with brand new visuals. With age, the photographer’s work appears to go through its own changes, evolving into images with greater depth to them. Some might even say that Stoddard is leading his generation of creative photographers with his innovative vision. There are already many new, young talents that find themselves drawn to his work, emulating his compositions and ideas in an effort to learn and grow their own skill set. We can’t wait to see what else Stoddard has in store for the future.