Copenhagen-based photographer Mikkel Jul Hvilshøj created these images, presenting various recipes as minimalist photographs that show all the ingredients that go into making each dish. The series includes simple recipes like fried eggs and pasta to more elaborate meals such as bouillabaisse and porridge. Mikkel describes his style as very graphic and clean. He specializes in high-end still life photography, mainly shooting advertisements and editorial features. He shares that his aim is “to create images of minimalism and serenity, combining them with a dynamic, elegant, and luxurious feeling.” Letting the shape, texture, and quality of an object set the creative direction while maintaining high technical standards, Mikkel strives to produce beautiful images.

Mikkel Jul Hvilshøj lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark. He has been shooting advertising and editorial assignments for the past 10+ years, specializing in high-end still life photography.

His approach to any assignment is aiming to create images of minimalism and serenity, combining it with a dynamic, elegant and luxurious feel.

Often letting the formal shape and qualities of an object set the creative direction, and with high technical standards, he always strives to create beautiful images.

The author managed to present the ingredients of popular dishes and the way of their preparation in a very concise and understandable form, which undoubtedly aroused the interest of the Internet community. Perhaps this way of filing recipes will become popular and become a new trend of culinary websites.