Slava Semeniuta is a digital artist and photographer who actually lives in Sochi, Russia. He creates pictures in some strange universes where neon colors and fluorescence are natural, the portraits are mysterious and magical. He uses body painting and Digital Art.


“I love everything that looks cosmic. Neon colors are colors that are rarely found in nature. In the oceans live deepwater creatures that have the property to fluorescence. In cosmos, there are ultraviolet radiation rays which are only visible neon colors. I like to think that in the cosmos there are many planets where the whole world is fluorescent, mountains, trees, clouds, seas. These colours seem to me very mysterious and magical fact.”

Slava Semeniuta, who goes by the name Local Preacher, recently noticed the glimmering reflective beauty of the streets of Sochi after an evening rain.

The series of dramatically-colored photographs isolates neon shop window reflections in puddles and potholes and transforms the captured moments into otherworldly landscapes. Semeniuta shares his work on Behance and Instagram.