To celebrate the launch of the Levi’s® Made & Crafted® AW/17 collection Riposte commissioned a series of creative works that took inspiration from the Icelandic stories behind the collection.

Visual artist Lucy Hardcastle created ALDA, a material narrative exploring in live action the raw, unpredictable and awe-inspiring elements of Iceland, both physical and spiritual. The film was brought to life by a powerful and dramatic soundscape by Nabihah Iqbal.

Drawing from her background in textiles, Lucy Hardcastle creates work that pleases the eye: unguent lustrous blobs quiver across the screen, hypnotic streams of color pour into dense pools of white and multicolored chunks of glossy solids – indistinguishable between jelly or glass – sit mouthwateringly with softly textured perfect spheres. Her boundary-pushing work, which blurs the lines between computer graphics, printed textiles, and photorealism, riffs on the balance between human craft and generated perfection. “I really focus on everything being tactile and enhancing that. I like to think about how blind people consume textures. I’m drawn to things like velvet and satin and flock textures – the way you see and the way you touch them really connects; it’s almost like sign language for fabrics,” she states.

In figuring out the different moods that exist around her own experience with fragrance: the chemical reaction, the personal and physical aspect of it and the idolization of the fragrance bottle itself, Hardcastle’s takeaway is a new interpretation of physicalizing fragrance from a female artist’s perspective. Each of the four rooms, Mist, Molten, Beam, and Soft, ask the viewer to complete a task before moving on to the next one – whether that be popping molecules of fragrance to start a chemical reaction in Mist or mimicking the physical process of extraction by breaking a ring and releasing virtual lava in Molten. At every step of the experience, each click is accompanied by a different sound – ethereal, ghostly choirs, satisfying ‘wump wump’s gently mimic the noise of pillows being thrown in Soft.