Toronto-based photographer Adam Klekotka had visited Niagara Falls several times during his time in Canada, but never journeyed to the massive waterfall during winter. After two weeks of record-setting temperatures this January (which led the Canadian news to report that parts of the country were colder than the surface of Mars) Klekotka decided to explore the icy waterfall at night, discovering an illuminated scene that appeared more like a deserted alien landscape than natural wonder.

“The temperature was about -20C, but due to cold wind and high humidity, it felt like it was way below -30C,” Klekotka told. “After some time of shooting, my hands were really frostbitten. Because of the small buttons in the cameras, I had to handle them without gloves. Additionally the drops of water were freezing on the front glass of the lens and I had to clean it every couple of seconds.”

The photographer from Toronto Adam Klekotka, like many of his compatriots, likes to visit and photograph Niagara Falls. With the only, perhaps, difference, that, unlike others, to the photo session, Adam came up creatively and indifferently.

One day the photographer noticed that the subzero temperature over Niagara freezes the water droplets in the air and those present have the impression that they are on another planet. The photographer decided to add some additional elements to the perfectly created nature picture and, having waited for the “bad weather“, went to the photo session.

What you see in the pictures is an observation deck on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls, planet Earth. Do not believe me? In vain. Night light show in combination with ice gives the perception that you were transferred to another planet. A very cold planet. Note how much the photographer masterfully managed to convey incredible light and the harmony of different structures. As a certain foreshortening affects familiar things, turning them into unreal and unprecedented wonders.

Klekotka captured the glowing waterfall from several angles, including an observation deck encrusted with a thick layer of icicles. You can see more of Klekotka’s otherworldly images on his Instagram and browse a selection of his small prints on his online shop.