Annie Leibovitz – Portrait magic

photographer Annie Leibovitz speaks with the press at her exhibition' A Photographer's Life' at London's National Portrait Gallery in London, Britain, 22 October 2008. Leibovitz's exhibit features over 150 photograph's of her life

Do you want to know how a woman can be successful in the world of photography? Fantastic!

Annie Leibovitz demonstrates this clearly.

Annie Leibovitz’s photographs help celebrities get as close to iconic status as possible. They are bright, non-standard, often shocking, and always revealing a person from a new angle. Her shots have long become an obligatory component of modern culture. It was Leibovitz who made the last photoshoot of John Lennon, in which the ex-leader of The Beatles posed naked, lying next to his wife.

Annie Leibovitz - Portrait magic
John Lennon and Yoko Ono

The picture symbolized his endless affection for his wife. The exceptionally powerful photo was timed to coincide with the release of Lennon’s new album but became the last evidence of his life. Many researchers call it the best shot in the history of portrait photography.

Leibovitz was invited to take official portraits of Queen Elizabeth II, whom she even persuaded to take a picture without a crown, and Mikhail Gorbachev, she worked with several American presidents and high-ranking politicians.

Annie Leibovitz - Portrait magic
Her Majesty Elizabeth II

She worked during the Rolling Stones tour, creating classic black and white portraits of the musicians and their surroundings.

Annie Leibovitz - Portrait magic
Mick Jagger, The Rolling Stones

Leibovitz has done a huge number of covers for The New York Times, Paris Match, and other publications. Michael Jackson and Angelina Jolie, George Bush Sr., Francis Ford Coppola, and Mikhail Baryshnikov were happy to get into her lens.

Annie Leibovitz - Portrait magic
Angelina Jolie

One of her most provocative works is a naked Demi Moore in her eighth month of pregnancy.

Annie Leibovitz - Portrait magic
Demi Moore


Without Annie, there would not have been many of the legendary covers of Rolling Stone, Time, Interview, The New York Times, and other influential magazines. She actively collaborates with Vanity Fair, for which she creates photographs of movie stars – both group and portrait.

Annie Leibovitz - Portrait magic
Vanity Fair Cover Diversity

In her fashion images or group photographs, you can see the smallest nuances. All of them are emphasized and highlighted. Both foreground and background are balanced and work for the result.

A living photo legend claims that being a very timid person, he tries to erect an obstacle in the form of a camera between himself and the model. At the same time, she, like no one else, knows how to build trusting relationships with people, thanks to which they are fully revealed in front of the lens. It helps highlight every unique facet of a personality.

Annie Leibovitz - Portrait magic
Whoopi Goldberg


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