GRVTY, a series of architectural photo manipulations based on gravity by Daniel Garay Arango.

Daniel Garay Arango is a Bogotá, Colombia based photographer an digital fine artist. His passion for architecture and urban surroundings led him to develop his GRVTY series. Daniel Garay Arango has captured numerous buildings in different cities. Thereafter he has digitally separated and rearranged individual segments as well as entire areas of the buildings to present them in seemingly weightless conditions. This way, he has created the visual experience of an apparent loss of gravity, which happened from one moment to another. The images convey a dark yet elegant look of simple black and white. All photo manipulations of the series can be found below.

Weightless architecture
A building like an accordion.
A dissolving civilization.
A Tetris-like arrangement.
Everything is going to heaven.
GRVTY – Architectural photo manipulations based on gravity by Daniel Garay Arango.
Individual parts float weightless in the air.
Loose floors.
Surreal photo manipulations in black and white.
The moment when everything is drifting apart.