At first, I thought these images of Arctic Northern Norway by Harstad-based photographer Bjørg-Elise Tuppen were manipulated as the colors looked surreal but apparently, this is what it looks like for two months in May and June as the sun doesn’t set and moves in a diagonal line.

She explains: “At 69 degrees north the sun does not set between May 22th and July 20th. Instead it just rolls along the horizon and starts raising again. At this latitude, it sets and rises in a diagonal line as opposed to closer to the equator where its path is more straight. Because of this, as well as other factors such as ice crystals in the atmosphere and layers of hot and cold air, the colors are unique, even close to unreal. Here, the nights during summer are spectacular light shows, a stark contrast to the time of darkness, when the sun is under the horizon for almost two months. Who needs sleep anyway?”

Bjørg-Elise T-A Tuppen is one of many talented creatives studying from outside of the UK with IDI. Following her dream of becoming a professional graphic designer, she is well on her way to achieving an internationally respected BA (Hons) degree in Graphic Design online.

Living in the small town of Harstad on the north-west coast of Norway, Bjørg-Elise has found plenty of inspiration for her creativity. She has already experienced success as a photographer and painter and her artwork has been exhibited locally several times. However, after deciding to develop her talent in other areas of art and design, she discovered that Harstad did not provide the kind of opportunities that matched her creative ambitions.

She loves to use and experiment with different medias such as painting, drawing, photography, typography and digital collage, as well as mix them to explore and create different moods, effects and expressions. Her style is not set or limited, but ever evolving and seeking.

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