Beautiful World Filled With Sun By Photographer Elena Shumilova


Art by Russian self-taught photographer Elena Shumilova is a beautiful world filled with sun, divine light and gold color. Her photos are very vital, great, and a little nostalgic. They are about friendship and loneliness, love and the charm of nature.
An architect by education, Elena is a self-taught photographer. According to the photographer herself, after the birth of her second child, she began spending a lot of time away from Moscow, in a village in the Tver region. And then she had an irresistible desire to shoot and do it professionally. Her beautiful works are real paintings, with a unique coloring, game of light and color. She managed to convey emotional mood, and the most simple, but such important, moments of life.
Meanwhile, Elena spends half a year with her family in Moscow, and half a year in the Andreapol district of the Tver region on Lake Brosno, where she is engaged in farming. She has two sons – five-year-old Yaroslav and two-year-old Ivan. Therefore, the main “heroes” of most photos are Elena’s sons, as well as the “inhabitants” of her farm.

In the forest

In the forest. 2013. Work by Moscow based photographer Elena Shumilina

And finally, to call the photographer self-taught is not entirely correct, since her art meets the quality of a professional photographer. Moreover, Elena’s work was already shown at exhibitions of professional photographers. In addition, works by Moscow based photographer Elena Shumilina attracted the attention of foreign publications, in particular, British Daily Mail.

Along the road


Dew drops

End of autumn

Summer has gone

Expectation of miracle

First steps in art