Believe In The Miracle: 20 Vivid Photos That Show Amazing Coincidences


If someone thinks that miracles do not happen, it’s time to see a selection of photos collected in this review. These pictures show really fantastic coincidences. No photoshop – only the wonders of nature and the skill of the photographer.

  1. From the first glance, you can not immediately understand that the photo of the building, the sea, and the sky has been removed.

2. Just a shadow from the iceberg on the dark blue waves of the ocean.

3. Amazing effect – glass corridor from glasses.

4. A dog of Welsh Corgi breed with a white stripe on the neck and a wave met at the right place and at the right time.

5. A perfect example, when advertising on a car excellently complements reality.

6. Ideal lying shadow, which does not go beyond the established framework.

7. The amazing coincidence of the picture on the back of the book – a fragment of the male porter – with the girl’s face.

8. Striped sneakers and a moving escalator are a dizzying combination.

9. The flower pattern of the shirt almost coincides with the motif on the inside of the bowl.

10. Just a perfectly caught moment – a kite flying over the horizon line.

11. The image, reflected from the double window glass, allows you to see the sun hidden by the column.

12. The trail from the plane looks like water falling from the sky, which turns into a waterfall.

13. The skier in the suit simply disappeared against the background of the snowy landscape.

14. The shadow from the limiter coincides with the seams of the paving slab.

15. A successful photograph of an embarrassed rhinoceros who hid behind a colleague.

A successful photograph of an embarrassed rhinoceros who hid behind a colleague.

16. Excellent selected angle – railing, highlighted by the pink lights of the Ferris wheel.

17. The girl was there, where her outfit fully corresponds to the situation.

18. Mother’s hand and baby’s head are one to one.

19. Perfect packaging for the perfect gift.