Flying in a helicopter high above the coast of Greece, German photographer Bernhard Lang captures uncommon networks of round fish farms. The bizarre, avoid enclosures look like summary geometric designs, infrequently associated with the thriving ecosystems of fish that lay just beneath the floor. Aquaculture is visible by many as a greater efficient manner to safely breed large volumes of fish rather than harvesting wild populations, but issues approximately the environmental effect close to farming sites have raised loads of questions.

“Greece’s aquaculture enterprise is vital for the USA ” Lang shares with tremendous. “especially the terrible financial scenario in Greece. Fish, specially sea bass and sea bream is certainly one of their largest agricultural exports, subsequent to olive oil.” That said, fish charges have fallen sharply in current years, in addition threatening a burgeoning industry.

Lang is known for his aerial research of enterprise, wildlife, and landscapes round the sector together with a current collection of harbors inside the Philippines and a colorful series of beach umbrellas in the Italian motel city of Adria.